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Network Rules & Information

Upon joining BlizzardMC, players must agree that it is their responsibility to be knowledgeable of the rules and to stay updated if the rules are changed. If any rule is broken, that player or offending party will be punished.

Spam / Excessive Caps
This is 4+ messages and 10+ caps.
First Offense ➜ 10 Minute Mute

Chat Flood
This is 4 of the same message without a break.
First Offense ➜ 30 Minute Mute

Promoting Spam
The use of #’s is not allowed and saying "Guess a number between 1-100 for a monthly crate" is not allowed either.
First Offense ➜ 30 Minute Mute

Advertising any link isn’t allowed. If you have Media Rank. you are allowed to promote your own content.
First Offense ➜ Permanent IP Ban

This is either starting or participating in an ongoing riot and if caught you will be punished accordingly.
First Offense ➜ Warning
Second Offense ➜ 1 Hour Ban

Racial Slurs / Suicidal Encouragement
This includes anything that could be classed as offensive or making encouraging suicide.
First Offense ➜ 1 Hour Mute

Mute Evading
Any form of communicating while being muted is not allowed. This also includes making factions and changing tags/disbanding.
First Offense ➜ 6 Hour Mute
Second Offense ➜ Permanent Mute

This includes threats or promises and also includes “jokes” similar to “I'm gonna hit you off” ... “a Koth”
First Offense ➜ Permanent IP Ban
Hacking / Cheating / 3rd Party Programs
This means any program that gives you an unfair advantage is not allowed, this will also include any macros that edit the way your mouse/keyboard performs. (Please disable them).
First Offense ➜ Permanent IP Ban

Admitting to Hacking
If you decide to admit to hacking then it will include a shorter ban and make it easier for everyone included.
First Offense ➜ 7 Day IP Ban

Logging whilst Frozen
Logging off after being frozen.
First Offense ➜ Permanent IP Ban

Refusing to Screenshare / Trolling in a SS / Modifying Recycle Bin
If you log whilst frozen then you will be punished, no matter the situation. This also means not joining discord within the 5 minutes that you are given from frozen. The use of troll folders or not doing as asked is punishable. If you clear the recycle bin within the time you have been frozen then you will be banned.
First Offense ➜ Permanent IP Ban

Using a Small / Large Bug
This is abusing a bug or giving you an advantage.
First Offense ➜ Staff Discretion (Dependant on Bug)

Use of a Fly Boost Greater than 2x
Using a fly boost that is greater than 2x will not be tolerated. This rule still applies even in /printer mode.
First Offense ➜ 4 Hour ban

Door / Block Glitching / Gen Trapping / Printer Trapping / Levering Heads
First Offense ➜ 4 Hour Ban

Ban Evading
You can login on ONE alt if you aren’t IP banned. If you are IP banned then you cannot login.
First Offense ➜ Permanent IP Ban

Teaming with a Hacker
This means if you are caught pvping with a hacker (in your faction or ally or truce) you will be banned for it, this includes anyone that is there if you knew or not).
First Offense ➜ 4 Hour IP Ban
Second Offense ➜ 1 Day IP Ban

/back or /home Into Enemy Claims
You will be punished if there is no clear path or area. (This means no cannon box etc).
First Offense ➜ 1 Hour Ban

TP Trapping
This means if there is no clear sight escape or if there is no roof, this is also classed as going to a /pvp.
First Offense ➜ 12 Hours IP Ban

Alternative Accounts
You may login 19 alts and your main account.
First Offense ➜ 24 Hour IP Ban
Second Offense ➜ Permanent IP Ban

Having a Botnet/Booter
Having a botnet/booter on your computer is not permitted.
First Offense ➜ Permanent IP Ban

Intentionally Lagging Server
Any way that a player can lag the server intentionally will not be tolerated. This includes cobble monstering, TNT/sand spamming.
First Offense ➜ Permanent IP Ban

Merging Factions
You cannot merge factions temporarily in order to raid or defend.
First Offense ➜ 1 Day IP Ban for Involved Player(s)

Suffocating Crushers
You cannot use suffocating crushers.
First Offense ➜ 1 Day Ban for Builder(s)

Bypassing Anti AFK
Setting a script up, etc.
First Offense ➜ 1 Hour IP Ban

Abusing Printer
Gaining illegal items, using items for other use other than building, etc. You cannot use /printer other down building.
First Offense ➜ 2 Hour Ban

Please reach out to a Staff Member or create a Support Ticket in our Discord if you are unsure about any rules or information stated above.

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